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Medical surgical masks, single-use cervical sampling swabs, single-use samplers, sharps box cell preservation solution, single-use tissue suction tubes, cell filters, single-use cell collectors, and other consumable products

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Us Apart

Ningbo HLS Medical Products Co.,Ltd. is a company specializing in research, development and production of disposable medical equipment business. The company currently produces Disposable Cervical Sampling Brush, Vaginal Speculum, Oxygen Masks and other products. Our products comply with the international quality standards, we look forward to working with you hand in hand.

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Disposable cenvical brush
Disposable sampling swab
Virus sampling tube
Gynecological examination consumables
Endometrial suction cannula
Disposable vaginal speculum
Sharp container
Other disposable supplies

Competitive Price

By controlling the developing and production processes, we can confidently offer you competitive prices.

Guaranteed Quality

We have set up a strict quality control system according to ISO and CE standards to ensure the quality of our products.

Customized Service

The R&D team can provide customized services for different molds to meet the diverse needs of customers.

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